Information displays

Track your information displays with Ondisplay

Ondisplay is software that helps you manage the content of your information displays online, which makes it fast and easy to manage and distribute media. Via our Administration Page you can upload or create content, and plan what is to be shown where and when.

Using Ondisplay software, you can also download content from internal or external systems, making it is easy to ensure that you are always showing relevant, up-to-date information on your displays.

How can I use Ondisplay software?

Ondisplay can manage indoor information displays, outdoor kiosks, touch screens, info boards and advertising screens/Instore TVs.


Displays have many names

Indoor displays that show information are often called information screens or digital screens, but it is also common to refer to them as digital posters, electronic notice boards or info panels, or to simply use the general term digital signage.

Displays installed in a store showing specials and advertisments are called advertising displays, and the system is known as Instore-TV.



In technical terms the large screens along the roadside are called advertising pylons, but they are also known as digital billboards, digital signs, advertising totems, towers or just big screens.


We use the term Digital Signage System to describe Ondisplay. This term basically tells you that the system is designed to prepare a digital content to be sent via a network to your digital screens where the content subsequently appears.

Ondisplay can also retrieve existing data from other systems and display it on your screens, so you could also refer to Ondisplay as an info system or information system.

How does Ondisplay work?

The administration system

With Ondisplay you manage your content, plan the visual appearance of your data as well as maintain and monitor all connected displays directly from your computer or tablet, or from your mobile phone. All communication happens via the Internet or your local intranet. You just need to log on to a web address with your username and password.

The built-in PC

Your displays are controlled by a built-in PC, on which we have installed Ondisplay. The PC plays the content planned for display, and automatically downloads future content, all via an integral internet connection.